International Academies - Catalunya & Valencia

Catalunya & Valencia football training pitches

Talent is Genetics Effort & Opportunity...

Genetics: given to you by your parents   Effort: what you give   Opportunity: what we will give you

•  High performance  •  Individual training  •  Training & matches
•  Physical fitness test and evaluation  •  Specific position training in groups
•  Nutrition, Recovery and injury prevention  •  Theoretical training

Football training sessions with students in Catalunya & Valencia

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C.D. Olimpic Xativa

Durations available: 1 week,
1 month, 3 months, 6 months
or Full Season (9 months)

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Our Philosophy

  • Comprehensive training for footballers in the aspects of Tactics, Techniques, Physical & Educational Values
  • Inspired by the Spanish football philosophy: Ball Control & Tactical Concepts
  • Tasks on Decision Making: The importance of cognitive tasks

Football stadium in Catalunya

Course Content

High Performance

  • UEFA PRO Trainers and physical education graduates with experience in high performance
  • 3 daily training sessions: Physical Preparation, Technical and Tactical Training, Team Training & Matches

Individual Training

Players undertake individual training sessions, tailored to meet their needs and special requirements.

Training & Matches

Additional training sessions with Spanish teams and competitive matches with clubs in the Catalan & Valencia leagues.

Physical Fitness Test & Evaluation

Each player will participate in physical tests and be evaluated on an individual basis.

Specific Position Training in Groups

Groups of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, strikers.

Nutrition, Recovery & Injury Prevention

Sports nutrition programs, physical recovery protocols and sports injury prevention advice.

Theoretical Training

To complement the field training, analysis of videos, talks by professionals.

Accommodation Options

Sports Resort : Hotel : Residence House : Residence Hostel

Casa Cigroner accommodation for International Football Academy


A comprehensive selection of both school & university study programmes are also available.

EIC & University

Recreational & Cultural Activities